Regina Beach Lions Membership

Currently the Regina Beach & District Lions Club consists of 47  active Men & Women as members of our club. Our clubs still has 1 member from the original group formed in 1979

Our club is made up of both men & women. The format houses 18 women and 29 men. All are volunteers and they receive no  personal compensation for their dedication and time.

Current members of our club are:

Lion Barb McAleese (President), July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021 

 Lion Dwight Osiowy (Secretary),  Lion Pearl Peters (Treasurer), PDG Ken Peters (Membership Chair),
Lion Jacqueline Belisle, Lion Rick Brown, L ion Kathy Burnett,  Lion Terry Cameron, PCC Eunice Cameron,                   Lion Mike Cheers, Lion Lindsay Cooper,  Lion Michael Corley,  Lion Evan Davies, Lion Chris Exner, 
Lion Bryan Gatschene,  Lion Greg Gilroy, Lion Pat Gilroy, Lion Lorie Graff,  Lion Yvonne Graff, Lion Harold Hugg,  Lion Art Jacobs,  Lion Ivan Johnson, Lion Denny Joyal, Lion Eric Lakin (Vice President), Lion Jacqueline Lakin, Lion Dianne Lasek , Lion Carol Lyman, PDG Terry McAleese,  Lion Wayne McKay,  Lion Xander McLeod,        Lion Ron Monk,  Lion Walt Morris,  Lion Shirley Petrovitch,  Lion Don Rathy,  Lion Stephanie Reym                                    Lion Kelly Reym, Lion Wayne Romphf,  Lion Dave Rumpel, Lion Karen Schweitzer,  Lion Kelly Schweitzer,                       Lion Jamie Sinclair,  Lion Shelley Sinclair,  Lion Jill Sovdi,  Lion Lew Tomlinson,  Lion Krista Ursulescu, Lion Diane Wright, Lion Jinelle Zurowski

We also have members who have served on District 5-SKS Cabinet; - Past District Governor Lion Ken Peters and is currently Multiple District 5 Council Secretary;  Past Council Chair Lion Eunice Cameron;  and Past District Governor Terry McAleese 

Our Club does an awful lot of community service work and help many people with a variety of situations. We have raised and contributed back to our community and the world people in excess of $1,300,000.00 since chartering as a service club in March of 1979

If you have an interest in joining the LIONS of Regina Beach and in turn have the satisfaction of helping others,   PLEASE contact our club Secretary Lion Dwight Osiowy (306) 729-4840 or our

Membership Chair -  Lion Ken Peters , 306 536-3294

 Our mailing address is:

Regina Beach & District Lions, PO Box 613, Regina Beach,

Saskatchewan S0G 4C0 Canada        Email: