The Regina Beach & District Lions Club chartered – May 5th, 1979

The Charter Night Chairman was   – Lion Jim Thompson

The Club’s Board of Directors: President – Lion Jim Sinclair

                                                            1st Vice President – Lion Jim Thompson

                                                            2nd Vice President – Lion Jim Rutledge

                                                            3rd Vice President – Lion Joe Mayer

                                                            Secretary – Lion Reg Forster

                                                            Treasurer – Lion Cam Bower

                                                            Lion Tamer – Lion Cliff Mould

                                                            Tail Twister - Lion Gord Hopkins

                                                            Directors:         Morley Alexander

                                                                                    John Grieves

                                                                                    Terry Cobler

                                                                                    Doug Cushway

We Chartered as a Lions Club with sixty (60) members



Lion J.E. Adair         Lion Morley Alexander      Lion Cliff Anderson           Lion Hugh Arsenault             Lion Bob August      Lion John Bancescu            Lion Richard Baragar         Lion Ron Barker                    Lion William Bell     Lion Gary Berggren            Lion Ed Bishop                  Lion Cam Bower                 Lion Ben Brewer      Lion Tom Brewer                Lion Maurice Butler           Lion Gregg Clarke               Lion Terry Cobler     Lion Warren Cocks             Lion Angus Cope                Lion Phil Curtis                  Lion Doug Cushway Lion Kim Dobson               Lion Ted Donaldson            Lion Murray Drackett           Lion Gord Forster     Lion Reg Forster                 Lion Stan Gerlach                Lion John Grieves                    Lion Ted Hastings    Lion Ernest Haus                 Lion Robert Howland          Lion Sam Holinaty                    Lion Gord Hopkins   Lion Gary Irvine                 Lion Ted Kidd                  Lion Maurice Kovatch            Lion Brian Large      Lion Johnny Lawson          Lion Colin Layton                 Lion Alan McCune               Lion Lawrence McMillan                                     Lion Lorne Mack                 Lion Joe Mayer                         Lion Josh Mason       Lion Richard McFadyen     Lion Tom McFadzean         Lion W .R. (Len) Moore    Lion Cliff  Mould      Lion Robert Nabiss             Lion Ken Peters                   Lion Jim Rutledge             Lion Don Shiplack    Lion James Sinclair (Pres)  Lion Don Slager                 Lion Ted Stoyand                  Lion Jim Thompson   Lion Syd Tremaine Lion Lowell Watson        Lion Lude Wareing  Lion David Williams  Lion William (Bill) Winter  Lion Tim Wood


Club Presidents - 1979 to present

1979-80            Lion Jim Sinclair                                   

1980-81            Lion Jim Thompson                              1997-98            Lion Jack Reid

1981-82            Lion Joe Mayer                                     1998-99            Lion Cliff Morin

1982-83            Lion Ron Barker                                    2000-01           Lion Ken Peters

1983-84            Lion Dave Williams                               2001-02           Lion Gerry Wade

1984-85            Lion Ron Lessard                                   2002-03           Lion Bill Dinu

1985-86            Lion Gordon Hopkins                             2003-04           Lion Al McKenzie

1986-87            Lion Greg Kotzer                                   2004-05            Lion Neil Petrovitch

1987-88            Lion Greg Kotzer                                   2005-06            Lion Don Cozine

1988-89            Lion Morley Alexander                          2006-07            Lion Eunice Cameron                               1989-90            Lion Bun MacBean                                2007-08            Lion Randal Martin       

1990-91            Lion Geordie Sinclair                             2008-09            Lion Terry McAleese

1991-92            Lion Ray Yeoman/Kirk Lawson            2009-10            Lion Greg Gilroy

1992-93            Lion John Wahl                                      2010-11            Lion Pearl Peters

1993-94            Lion Maurice Butler                               2011-12            Lion Ron Monk            

1994-95            Lion Garry LaMontagne                        2012-13            Lion Evan Davies

1995-96            Lion Grant Watson                                 2013-14            Lion Dwight Osiowy

1996-97            Lion Dave Rumpel                                 2014-15            Lion Dwight Osiowy

Current Club members as of November 30th, 2013 are: (32 Members)

Lion Robin Blais               Lion Eunice Cameron                Lion Lindsay Cooper

Lion Robert Creasy           Lion Evan Davies                       Lion Bill Dinu

Lion Chris Exner               Lion Bryan Gatschene                Lion Greg Gilroy

Lion Pat Gilroy                 Lion Lorrie Graff                        Lion Yvonne Graff

Lion Ernie Haus                Lion Art Jacobs                          Lion Ivan Johnson

Lion Ian Kydd                   Lion Barb McAleese                  Lion Terry McAleese

Lion Wayne McKay          Lion Allan McKenzie                 Lion Ron Monk

Lion Dwight Osiowy         Lion Jason Papp                         Lion Ken Peters

Lion Pearl Peters               Lion Don Rathy                          Lion Wayne Romphf

Lion Dave Rumpel            Lion George Schofield               Lion James Sinclair

Lion Lew Tomlinson         Lion Michelle Wrubleski

Charter Night:

The District Governor for Charter Night was – D.G. Lion Ed Mann

Charter proceedings were started under the late District Governor Harry James in 1978. Our Sponsoring Club – Lumsden & District Lions & our two sponsoring Guiding Lions were: Lion Ron Kidd & Lion Jim Sinclair

The Mayor of Regina Beach was Lion Ben Brewer                                           

On March 14th, 1979, a meeting was organized by Morley Alexander; the father to our club and from there developed a group of dedicated men and women who only wish to better serve the community and help those in need. The clubs first meetings were held at the old Pearly Shells Hotel on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.

Our Charter Night was May 5th, 1979 and Lion Maurice Butler served as Master of Ceremonies.

A highway sign was purchased shortly there after and erected on the outskirts of town so that all knew we were here to stay.

Our Lions Club Charter pins depicted the SS Qu”Appelle on it. The pin’s art work was designed by Lion Cliff Mould, a long time resident of the area.

Over the 35 years of our existence as a Lions Club we have been involved in many projects. Some of them of course were a lot more fun than others but all were equally important to our Community as well its people and to the fund raising needed to operate a Lions Club. But Service is the true purpose of a Lions Club. I intend this to be a brief History of our club.

Our first Bingo was held on June 5th, 1979. On October 14th, 1979 the Regina Beach & District Lions held their first of many Fowl Suppers. These have become an annual event on the last Sunday of September seeing numbers of between 800 – 900 people being served. Lion Eldon Trytten has chaired 10 Fowl Suppers and Terry & Barb McAleese chairing our last several..

Our first annual Pit Beef Bar B Q was on August 2nd, 1981 and has continued for a number of years and then was converted to the now Annual Chicken Bar B Q Dinner and again as of the August long weekend 2011.

We hold a pancake breakfast on the third Saturday of every July.

Another major project of this Club was the Annual Bathtub Races in the early 1980’s. These races saw our beach and shore line packed with people who came from everywhere to watch. These started out as home made crafts and through the years developed to be mini speed boats.

The first event took place after a night in which 7.36 centimeters of rain fell on the city of Regina flooding subways and basements. Despite these flooding conditions, on July 9th, 1983 in the early morning; large crowds followed as the CJME cavalcade, led by the Majestic, Antique and Corvette car clubs. They made their way northwest 30 miles to Regina Beach for the 1st Annual Bathtub Race. Lion Gordon Hopkins was dubbed the Commodore and proudly displaying his uniform led a parade down Center St accompanied by the Regina Harmony Lions Club Band. It was indeed a spectacular day. For the start of the first race, I remember Kay Saddlemeyer (a close personal friend) and CBC Radio DJ racing; almost to the start line before his craft sank.

We even hosted and sponsored Donkey Baseball at Regina Beach. Large crowds came out to watch as we rode around the bases. I think most were there only to watch our asses.

Over the years there were many other projects: CNIB Canvasses which still occur every October. We put on Crib Tournaments, Senior Appreciation suppers, donate playground equipment, baseball sponsorship and funded ball diamond repairs and Dog Sled races were among some of the Clubs successes.

Youth Programs: We help sponsored the Cub Scouts at the Beach. The outdoor rink on McMurchy Ave.,; Minor Hockey in Lumsden, and the Lumsden & area School Band program. We made many contributions to the South Shore School. One of the most important youth programs we were involved being the DARE program for the young students of our community. That and the Lions Quest program assist youth with bullying and peer pressure in their lives. We sponsor an annual scholarship at the High School; named in honour of Lion Morley Alexander.

Another large undertaking was the fine facility that we now know as – the South Shore School Rec center and the storage shed outside the west door as well as some of the equipment within. The Rec Center contribution was in excess of $ 110,000.00 in all.

The “Rails to Trails” program in which we contributed $ 28,694.00 in developing a walkway from Kinookimaw to Buena Vista was another major undertaking. An additional $25,000.00 was put into maintaining it later. The Activity Center and paved lot was another project as well the Lions Park next to the Activity Center.

Over the years we have made donations supporting the Burn and Opthomology Units in Regina. We have provided short-term assistance to fire victims living in our community. Supported the CNIB, Saskatchewan Lions Eye Bank, the Lions Foundation of Canada – DogGuides and the Lions Memorial Forest of which there are numerous trees honouring our Lions.

We as a Lions Club on May 1st, 1985 sponsored the Regina Beach & District Lioness Club. A Leos Club was formed in 1987 but was short lived.

We donated $ 5,000.00 per year for 5 the past years ($25,000) to the Town towards a newer Fire Truck and Fire Hall. Since then we have continued to donate $2,000.00 a year in support for updating equipment.

As our history continued into and beyond 2013 newer projects were taken on such as the twice a month Meat Draws at the bar, Walk for DogGuides each May, the Walleye Classic fish tournament and the March Family Ice Fishing tournament. We install benches along the pathway, the cemetery and now in our newest and biggest project. The Lion Jim Sinclair Memorial Forest started in 2010 on a dream of Lion Ken Peters and put into a reality by the members of our club. Land was made available by the Sinclair family and the forest named after Lion Jim Sinclair our Charter President. To December of 2013 we have sold and dedicated 153 trees in memory of loved ones. Our club has donated in excess of $20,000.00 to the Lions Foundation of Canada to sponsor two DogGuides and shared a third with the Lioness Club. We continue to donate money the Lions Foundation of Canada DogGuide program every year. We have also donated over $20,000.00 to the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) Monies that are used to give relief & aid to people in disaster torn areas such as the storms Rita, and Katrina, the Philippines as well as Earthquakes in Turkey, China and South America, the Tsunami is another area where this Lions Clubs International Foundation has been one of the first in with aid.

This is not all we do, but it does portray a vast assortment of things the Regina Beach & District Lions have been involved in over the past 25 years. In going through past Treasurer’s records it has revealed that this Lions Club has in its near 35 year history raised and contributed back to the betterment of our friends and communities throughout our world; a total in excess of $ 1,000,000.00 not taking into consideration this Lions year projects.

Yes; over a million dollars that would not have been there for many local projects and services, if the Lions Club had not been formed and committed to the service of our friends.

Had not the men and women of this club donated their personal time and efforts showing that they care and are willing to sacrifice their own time and efforts and only wish to help others. They do this not to seek any reward.

Today we sit with 32 members, men & women working together.

We have a number of members that have served at levels above our Club:

Lion Pearl Peters – District Cabinet 4 years; Lion Terry McAleese -1 year as Zone Chair and has now been elected to the position of 2nd Vice Governor 2014-15; Lion Eunice Cameron – served several years as Lions Quest Chair and is the current 2nd Vice District Governor 2013-14

Lion Jack Reid (Deceased) served as District Governor prior to joining our Club. He transferred here from Regina Central Lions Club; Lion Ken Peters served on Cabinet since 1999 and was District Governor 2002-03. He also served on Multiple District Council as the Saskatchewan Director (Multiple District 5 encompasses all of South Dakota, North Dakota and Saskatchewan) and he served as the Saskatchewan Director on the National Board of Directors for the Lions Foundation of Canada from 2005-2008 and as Vice Chairman of the Board in 2008.

All of our Lions truly live up to the International Lions Clubs motto of “WE SERVE”.

It is a fact that Lions are people from the Communities that they serve. They are every day people just like you and me.

To you the present, past and future members of this Lions club and any other service club: Thank you & Good Luck, congratulations and may God Bless you all. It is Great to be a Lion. The work that you have done in the name of Lionism has made a difference in this world. It may not be highly covered in the media and it may not be National headlines but it is appreciated by those that you have and will continue to help – because you are Lions.


As prepared and typed by Lion Ken Peters

As an ongoing history of our club on November 30th, 2013